Everyone Welcome

Bible Studies


Tuesdays 10am

 Growing in knowledge and understanding of God's Word is exciting and challenging. Our groups are a great way to meet others and to understand more about what God has to say about living in today's world. The study group has a lot of interaction as we discuss God's Word and especially in these changing times .

Prayer Group


Tuesday 9am

Never Give Up! Prayer is the first point of call in everything, so why not join us and see how God works when we commit our burdens to Him. Our families, neighbors, church, loved ones and government need to be lifted up in prayer. We know that God answers prayer, so join us as we thank God and take our burdens to Him. 



Sunday School

What a great way to learn about the bible and have fun doing it! Learning about what God teaches us through His Word the bible and doing craft and games in the lesson, a fantastic time had by all. So bring your kids along, we'd love to have them join in.

Revelation Bible Study


Thursday Night 6pm

A great night of teaching on end days and how important it is to know what God says is going to come. So come along ask questions and be informed so you will not be deceived but understand the times. 

Organic Community Garden


TUESDAYS 11AM -12pm 

Organic garden for the community and our food bank. If you would like to join in just contact us or come along and have a look see on Tuesday.

Ladies Craft For Community


Ladies Craft Group Lunch

Wednesday 27th Nov 10.30am

This is for all the ladies who have attended our Craft Group during the year. A great morning of fun and then its followed by lunch, how good is that.