1 Min Video Clip - Genesis is Revelation

 Have you ever stared at something and thought about how God created  every single atomic particle in it—from nothing— and designed the  mechanisms and forces by which the particles would bond together to form  materials? The power and intelligence of the Creator are astounding!

1 Minute Video clip -Origin of Life scientific law denies it

According to Skeptics, one of the characteristics of a pseudo-scientific theory is that it contradicts a known scientific law.

For instance, in biology, we have the law of biogenesis, which states  that life only comes from life. Ironically, though, many self-professed  Skeptics ignore this scientific law when it comes to the origin of  life.

According to evolutionary theory, all life on earth can be traced  back to a single-celled organism, which itself arose from non-living  chemicals. 

1 Minute Video - Wisdom Teeth

  Some people have claimed that our third molars—commonly referred to as  wisdom teeth—often cause trouble in modern humans because our mouths are  smaller than our supposed evolutionary ancestors.  However, impacted wisdom teeth don’t afflict all ethnic groups.     

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